Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Charles Webb Media

Charles Webb (with the camera) and friends on the wall
in Xian during the shooting of "Kung Fu Diplomacy".

Charles Webb operates a film, video and digital media production company in San Francisco. He has written, produced, directed, photographed and edited projects in the United States, Europe and China, that encompass diverse genres, including national TV commercials (Miller Beer, Buick, Wishbone, national political candidates, etc.); documentaries (The Black Panthers/”George Jackson Death of a Revolutionary”, “The Grateful Dead Movie”, martial artists in the People’s Republic of China…“Kung Fu Diplomacy”,“China’s Living Treasures”, etc.); nationally released independent features (“Honky-Tonk Nights”, "China De Sade", “Extreme Close-Up”, "American Eyeball", "The G-string Horror", etc.); and behind the scenes promotional and music videos (e.g. Disney, FCA Artists, "Wild Bill" Weiss, The Penthouse Club, etc.).

60 Sec. trailer for *Demon Cut*

Trailer for the Benny Pristine mystery, American Eyeball. The notorious North Beach detective reappears after a twenty year disappearance to find his best friend murdered, a psychic spy still wanting to take him to bed, the fate of the world threatened by incompetent aliens and more.

Night of the Living Dead Meets Naked Lunch - Cut Up - Trailer

Night of the Living Dead meets Naked Lunch - Trailer from Charles Webb on Vimeo.

Promotional Video for Penthouse Club & Steakhouse, San Francisco

All Audiences Trailer for THE G-STRING HORROR

Promotional Video for "Wild Bill" Weiss...Biker Law.

Promotional Video for "Wild Bill" Weiss...Biker Law.

Introduction to "Kung Fu Diplomacy"

Disney/FCA Artists promotional video

Clip from The Grateful Dead Movie

Introduction to the SirexGEOthermic Project

To contact Charles Webb either email
or call 415.819.4038

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